Outpost 11

Outpost 11 is a psychological steam-punk thriller set deep within the Arctic circle. Three men, one outpost and a bag of spiders. Feature film currently in production. Starring Billy Clarke, Josh Mayers-Cooper, Luke Healy, Graham Till and Bernard Hill. Find out more.

Love Inc

Love Inc is a modern day retelling of the cupid mythology. Cupid affects things in the 'real word' in order to make people fall in love. One day his apprentice falls in love with the girl Cupid is trying to match and attempts to scupper his master's work. Not written by Future Masters only Directed, Co-Sound, Camera, Edited and Production Designed. Love Inc was made at UCA and that a full list of credits is available at the end of the film. Watch Love Inc part 1 and Love Inc part 2.


Two men, one box.... Arca is a re-telling of Pandora's box. The film takes inspiration from Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker and the television series Lost in which the mystery drives the narrative and the audiences need for answers. Watch Arca.


Fool's Gold

Fool's gold is a tale of rivalry, greed and metal detectors! Fools gold was made for the Virgin Media Shorts and was received extremely well getting its own page in the editors top 8 comedies. Watch Fool's Gold.



Low-Head is the tale of a steam-punk who hates his job. It was made in 48 hours for a competition, but unfortunately it wasn't ready in time due to a technical difficulty out of our control. Watch Low-head.


The Replacement

Based on a short story by Isaac Asimov, Andrew Greene a UN replacement experiences first hand the unveiling of a new weapon system and the people involved in it. The film was shown on Edge Tv. Watch The Replacement.

Disappearance of Flight 86

Eric is a cameraman struggling to make a living on bad TV shows. He has finally got his big break through his girlfriend, Emily, to make a promotional video for her father's company Gateway Atlantic airways. Everything seems to be going well until they are in the air and strange events start to unfold. Suddenly, Eric and Emily wake up with a handful of other passengers alone on the plane: John, an army veteran; Paul, an arrogant business executive; Jessica, a terrified young woman; Jeffery, a dithering old man with a secret; and Omar, a Middle-Eastern man seemingly trapped in the toilet. How have they gotten into this situation? Is it a terrorist hijack, a reality television prank or something more sinister? As Eric films everyone turning on each other as the situation unfolds, we soon find out that things aren't quite what they seem.

Shooting in Spring 2012. 75 minutes found footage genre.